Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 things I love (or would love) to hear you say

So hot!

1. I love the way you suck my cock

2. I want you to be naked when I get home

3. Say my name

4. You're so tight

5. Do you like that?

6. I love being inside you

7. Pull your hole open

8. I love the things you do with your tongue.

9. You’re so beautiful/hot

10. Don't stop

11. Don’t you dare come now! I’ll spank you if you do!

12. Your pussy looks so good. I want to RAM my cock in you

13. You like being fucked like a whore, don't you?

14. Do you like it when I hurt your pussy with my cock, baby?

15. You taste so good

16. Let me undress you

17. Finger yourself

18. You're so wet

19. You like gettin fucked hard

20. You're so dirty

21. You're such a slut

22. Let me slide a finger in your ass

23. I'm going to stretch you open

24. You want me to eat your pussy?

25. Swallow it

I just couldn't stop at 10! Okay, now come home and fuck me.

-Your very, very dirty girl

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas, part 2

Now where was I?

Oh, yes-- it all came out.

L has this way of being so calm and collected in public, even though I know he's thinking dirty thoughts. Sometimes when I'm sitting there, sipping my drink, I want him to nibble away at my neck or slip his hand up my thigh. But instead he gives me this stare, and it makes me want to get fucked so bad.

So, one night, while getting toasty, I was shocked to see this side come out. I had just brought up the amazing orgasm I had the other day, and L's ears perked up. He's so dirty- he loves to hear me talk about how wet my pussy gets, how good his tongue feels in my hole, how I love cumming with his face pushed up between my legs.

Since I saw an immediate response to my dirty talk, I thought I'd put the moves on him. You know, go straight for his cock and slide his waist to get the party started. To my surprise, this is when the side of L that I'd been waiting for came out.

He grabbed the hair on the top of my head and thrust his crotch into my face. "You want that dick, you whore?"

Instant wetness.

I just looked up at him and smiled.

"Tell me you want to suck it."
"Can I suck it? I want it in my mouth so bad."
"You fucking slut."
"Will you fuck me?"
"You dirty fucking cunt," he says, choking me on his dick.

He flips me over and yanks my pants down, all rough and desperate. There is NOTHING like making a man feel that desperate for sex. Like if he can't have it, he'll explode. Like if doesn't get it inside you soon, he'll die. And with that, came the first thrust.

I screamed out. He was actually hurting me his cock was so hard and so deep inside me. I could think of nothing besides how much more I wanted of it. I was begging to be hurt more.

Another thrust, this time followed by a few hard slaps, all on the same place on my ass. I loved the way he was taking complete control. I reached back for his thigh, hoping I could leverage some way to bounce up against him. I needed his cock. NOW.

"Tell me what you want."
I whined a little. "Please fuck me."
"Fuck me. Please. I need to be fucked."
Four more slaps. I cry out.
"It hurts!" He grabs my hair and yanks my head back.
"Do you think I fucking care if it hurts?" he says, half gritting his teeth. Then he lays into me, pounding me harder and harder until I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. He's groaning louder than I've ever heard him, too, and moaning the words, "Oh, yes" as he thrusts. I can tell he's about to cum and I try to pull away a bit. But he latches onto my thighs and says, "Take my cum, whore."
Just then he begins to blow his load into me, and he's moaning and rigid. It's so hot that he had no concern whether I had cum or not, he was so consumed with his need for my pussy. I came at the thought of it.

So, although no egg, I think that I'm doing fine on holiday gifts so far.

-the Dirty Whore

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Merry Christmas to me

I'm still waiting.

A while back I asked my boyfriend for one of those vibrating egg thingies to put in my panties so I could wear it around at work and think about him all day. Maybe so I could slip into the bathroom a couple of times during the day and get myself off. Or we could go to a club and he could watch me come as I rubbed against him on the dance floor.

But alas, no egg. I keep thinking, what the hell?

I've never had a man like this before. A teaser. One that makes you wait for what you want. And L is so good at that.

For example, one time, pretty far into our relationship, I asked L to get a little dirtier. To talk a little dirtier, to disrespect me a little more. To call me a slut.

And for weeks I waited.

Then, one night, after a few drinks and our usual friskiness, it all came out.

(to be continued....)

Friday, November 23, 2007

The big O, post 1

Multiple orgasms.

We’ve all heard of them, but they are sort of the Lock Ness of the sexual world.

“L” and I have been together for 2 and a half years now. If reading that conjures up images of couch potatoes and movie rentals for Friday nights, well, then you’re not asking the right question. The right question is, How is the sex? Does he give it to you often and well?

Which is why I decided to create this blog. I’ve just got to give these details out to someone.

The other night I had what I can only call the most amazing sex of my life, and that’s saying something. I’ve had some great sex. Really, really geat, great sex. I’ve been fingered going down the Las Vegas strip, cuming so hard that I didn’t care about the car next to us full of staring people. I’ve been tied up to a hook above my bed, blindfolded, while hot wax was being poured on my nipples. I’ve been fucked so hard that all those thoughts I usually think during sex but am too conservative to say have coming spewing out of me, leaving me begging for more and crying to be pounded harder. I’ve had more than one orgasm that brought tears to my eyes it was so intense.

Still, this seemingly everyday sex a few days ago included a 45 minute orgasm. 45 minutes. Dirty, dirty sex and an orgasm that made me want more and more cock. Amazing, I’m telling you. Amazing.

So here I begin the true confessions part.

I was horny. This isn’t too far from the norm- I’m just a sexual girl. I like a good amount of dick in me on a regular basis, and lucky for me L has a nice size cock that is so thick sometimes it’s a rough effort to squeeze into my throbbing pussy. My holes are small and tight, and he likes it that way. I like it, too, because it forces him to hurt me a little when he wants to fuck me.

Anyway, I was in the mood to be in control. I wanted to be on top, to control how far inside me he was, how fast he could push it in me, when and how well he would cum. I whispered, “I want to ride you” in his ear, but the surprise to him was that I wanted it in my ass. I lubed his dick really good, straddled him a little higher than normal, and slid it in. His loud moan told me he was liking it as much as me. I moved slow to loosen things up, but he wanted more. He grabbed my hips- I love it when he does that- and held me down on him. It made me so wet to know he wanted to be deeper inside me. I rocked my hips slowly back and forth, then faster. He got rough and grabbed both my arms, yanking me down and forcing himself way deep inside my ass. It felt so good, and I love it when he’s rough. I took my favorite pink vibrator and opened my pussy lips up to touch it to my clit. It made me go wild and I started to bounce on his cock. I used to be timid about spreading my legs, but I wanted to cum with him in my ass, so I spread them as far open as I could and pushed my clit hard against the vibrations as I squeezed his cock pumping inside my ass.

Just as I began to cum, he surprised me by pushing me off of him and then pushing my head into the bed. At first I felt a little jipped, I mean, I wasn’t finish cumming really, when I felt his tongue inside me. That’s always an awesome sensation when you’re not expecting it, feeling a soft flicker inside your twat. I immediately felt like I was going to cum again. Then, as quick as I felt that, he spun me over and lifted my ass in the air, propping me up on my shoulders and pushing my cunt fully into his mouth. He knows that when he wants to get me off quickly, all he has to do is suck my clit a little. So I reached my hand up and spread my pussy lips open with two fingers so he knew what I wanted. He went to work on my clit and I pushed up on my shoulders, burying his face. I was squealing like crazy, but then I felt the orgasm approaching again. In my mind all kinds of thoughts were racing, but before I knew it I was screaming them. Yes! Suck my clit! Oh God please don’t stop! Oh, yes! I need it! Lick me! Lick me! I came all over his face and he held me tight until I stopped quivering.

And then- this is where the multiple orgasms came in- he didn’t quit. I was still recovering from my quivering climax when he decided he wanted more. I was too weak to move, or to say anything, and he had me on my stomach again. I was so weak I felt like I couldn’t get on my knees, but he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to him. All I could do was moan as he pulled my ass cheeks apart and started to fuck my ass again. Instantly I was ready for more, and I could feel myself tighten up. A few hard thrusts into me, and I felt it- another orgasm. It made me open my legs up farther and push against him more: I could not get enough. Fuck my ass! I was screaming again.

It went on like this for another hour- just as I would begin to get off, he’d move me and finish me off in another position. The orgasm just continued the whole time.

So that, gentlemen, is how it’s done.

Sunset Fantasy

I'm not one of those "romantic" girls, never have been. I'm more of a bad girl, who likes her hair pulled and to be spanked in bed. I love it when L calls me a slut, and he's spit on me more than a few times.
Which is what makes this fantasy interesting. I fantasize that L tells me that we're going somewhere special and to get dressed up. So I put on my black stockings and garter, stilettos, and skirt. I love it when he does this, and I know that when I walk downstairs, I'll get that moment that all girls live for, whether they're the romantic type or not. First, he'll stand back and examine me, like he's trying to decide whether I'm hot enough or not, then he'll pull me against him, and tell me that I'm beautiful. It makes me so wet to know that thinks that way about me, and it makes me want to please him any way he wants it.

So he tells me that we're going somewhere special, but where we end up, after a few drinks, is at his office. I'm a bit surprised, but all game. He takes me out on the balcony, it's sunset, and I am immediately ready for whatever it is he wants. Forget kissing, I drop to my knees and want his cock. I want it in my mouth, I want it in my pussy, I want it everywhere. I want to pull my shirt off and jerk him off with my tits. I want his cum on my face. I want people in the apartments around us to watch as he fucks my ass.

For now, though, I take him in my mouth. He is so hard and big and he tastes awesome. I go into overdrive and can't wait to have him cumming, but he slows things down and pulls me to my feet. He wants me sitting in a chair, where he spreads my legs wide open. I'm soaking wet already, and hoping I'll get fucked hard. Instead, though, he takes out a pocket knife and cuts my thong off of me. It's the hottest thing I could possibly imagine, and I can see by his rock hard cock that he likes it, too. He sticks it in me, gentle at first because my hole is so tight, then ramming me. I love it, and he stops only to slap me hard between my legs with the flat of his hand. I want to last, and he does, too, but we fuck so hard that soon we find we can't last. I'm holding him against me, wanting more. He groans as he cums, and then pulls out so he can cum on my pussy lips, too. It's so hot I run my finger through it and then lick it off. We've finished the first round, but I can tell as he watches me taste his hot cum that he'll be ready to go again soon.